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smiling woman patient after getting same-day crowns in Indianapolis, INAt Condra Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our team understands that broken, decayed, or missing teeth can significantly affect your daily life, making even the simplest tasks more difficult. Dental crowns and bridges are two of the more popular and reliable solutions for many dental health issues. Dr. Condra uses CEREC® technology to get you fast results and back to your everyday routine as quickly as possible.

We take the time to thoroughly understand your oral health needs in order to suggest solutions that have long-term benefits. Our team will explain each treatment option and only proceed once you feel comfortable. Your peace of mind is one of our top priorities.

Whether you have a cracked, decayed, or missing tooth, our team has the answers you need to get back to living your life without pain. If you're looking for same-day bridges or dental crowns in Indianapolis, you can rely on us to provide exceptional results. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!


What Is CEREC® Technology?

dental assistant using cerec same day crowns machineChairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, more commonly known as CEREC, uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to create same-day crowns and bridges. One of the fastest-growing technologies in modern dentistry, our Indianapolis CEREC prosthetics are made with precision, accuracy, and quality for long-lasting and comfortable results.

One of the significant advantages of a CEREC machine is that most crowns and bridges require only one visit. While traditional crowns and bridges involve at least two appointments, it is not uncommon for the process to take two hours or less with CEREC technology. This treatment option offers fast results without sacrificing the quality of a lab-made prosthetic. We also won't have to take a messy impression of your teeth because of the advanced imaging CEREC uses. Our team is committed to innovation and providing convenient, reliable treatments.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a prosthetic that covers a severely damaged or decayed tooth. They are also used to protect a tooth after root canal therapy. Dental crowns are made from top-quality materials that mimic the look and feel of your natural tooth, along with protecting it from further wear caused by damage or bacteria. Once your crown is placed and healed, your tooth will have restored function, durability, and appearance. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that replaces a tooth or series of missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth as anchors. It is a non-removable and durable option to restore the fullness of your bite. 

Typically, we can use a bridge to replace up to three missing teeth in a row. Our team performs minimal shaping on the anchor teeth to ensure the bridge has a secure foundation. Our dentist will also perform extractions when needed, referring out to a trusted specialist for the most complex of cases. 

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown preserves the strength, function, and aesthetics of your smile by restoring and protecting a damaged tooth. Our dental crowns in Indianapolis help fix the following issues:

  • Mend a decayed or damaged tooth: A dental crown is a go-to solution to repair significant damage when a filling would be insufficient.
  • Correct a discolored tooth: A crown covers a tooth that has become severely stained or discolored, returning the beauty of your smile.
  • Secure a dental bridge: Dental crowns are placed over anchor teeth to secure your dental bridge in place for worry-free function.
  • Fortify a cracked tooth: By covering the cracked tooth, crowns help prevent further damage from happening.
  • Seal your tooth after root canal therapy: After removing the infection from your tooth root, we use a crown to protect your tooth from further bacteria.
  • Solve dental emergencies: An emergency can happen to anyone. By using a dental crown, we can quickly restore your smile and bite function, helping to relieve your discomfort and prevent the issue from getting worse.
  • Replace a missing tooth: An implant-supported crown can return the fullness of your smile and bite. We use trusted labs for all our implant-supported restorations.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns and Bridges

We continually work to provide you with more convenient and reliable solutions to your dental health problems. Our Indianapolis CEREC crowns and bridges offer many advantages that rival or exceed the features of traditional dental prosthetics. Some of those benefits include:

Fast and Efficient – We can make your new prosthetic during your first visit to our office. You won't have to rely on a temporary solution, and you'll be back to your normal routine within a few hours.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Ceramic is one of the most natural-looking materials we use to fix dental problems. From its color to its shine, only your dentist or a trained professional will be able to tell you've had dental work done.

Durable – CEREC crowns and bridges are made using high quality materials that handle daily use with ease. You'll be able to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry.

Precise – Because CEREC crowns and bridges are crafted using advanced computer-aided imaging, your new prosthetic will be customized to fit comfortably. 

Exceptional Indianapolis Dental Crowns and Bridges

At Condra Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we want you to have access to the latest dental treatments and technological advances. Dr. Condra and our team partner with you to determine if CEREC technology is the right solution for your needs. If your teeth are unable to support a CEREC solution or you're interested in an implant-supported crown or bridge, we partner with trusted labs to craft durable and reliable prosthetics. When you're looking for bridges or dental crowns in Indianapolis, we're the team you can trust to provide convenient and durable solutions. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!


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